Dill Beets

DF and I have had lots of fun cooking things from our garden. I planted beets which DF was unsure about. I insisted that I used to dislike beets but this is the only way I will eat them.

6-8 small beets (or 3-4 large beets)
½ once fresh dill
Dab of butter
Sprinkle of sugar
Sprinkle of salt

Wash fresh beets and trim tops to about 1 inch. Boil beets until they fall off a knife easily when stabbed. Take the pot to the sink and run cold water into the pot. Once the water has cooled enough to put your hands in take the skin off the beets by rubbing. Trim off tops and tails of beets and quarter if large. Heat butter in medium frying pan. Once hot toss in beets and sugar and salt. When beets are thoroughly coated add dill and toss.


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