Bodum Mug & Roobis Tea

Ok here is my first food post in a long time. Dear Husband got a fancy Bodum travel mug from my aunt and uncle at Christmas. It was oooooo’d and aaaaaaa’d over at the time and has since sat in the back of his collection of travel mugs in the cupboard.

Last night I really needed a cup of the PC Roobis tea (my latest discovery – I remember reading about Roobis tea over at The Dictator Princess) The nifty tin is full of fragrant loose tea.

Now DH does not like my Roobis Tea… and decides he wants Chai tea… this poses a problem as we only have one tea pot. So being the loving wife that I am I offer to make my tea in a mug. So I’m digging around the cupboard and what do I spy but the coveted (since forgotten about) Bodum mug. So I pull it out and take all the lables off and wash it out.

All I can say is it makes the tea taste so much better!


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