Monthly Archives: December 2010

So much news to share!

So it has been ages since I have posted here but I have recently been following Joyful Abode on a regular basis and it has inspired me to start blogging again 🙂

So what has happened since I stopped blogging:
April 2009 – Our son Layth was born… I became a full time mommy and loved it!!
January 2010 – Decided to take a job offer and go back to work. We had a live in Nanny to take care of Layth while I was working. I missed him like crazy but the nanny worked out great!
February 2010 – Found out we were expecting baby #2… yikes! not exactly planned but we were thrilled none the less! Continued to work although it turned out to be very stressful.
August 2010 – Left work as the stress was negatively affecting me and the baby
October 2010 – Our Daughter Zaara was born and I am back to being a full time mommy!

So I now have two children under two at home with me. It is crazy busy but I love it and I love my kids more that I could have ever imagined!

I feel like I have so much mommy advice I can share so I will probably start with some posts about managing with two young children (20 mos and 2 mos) cloth diapering and baby wearing 🙂

It is so good to be back!