Happy New Year

Happy New Year and All the best for you and your families in 2011!

So we spent the past week with the in-laws which was really nice. With two kids under 2 it is really not worth the 4+ hour trip if we are not going to spend more than three days there. So when hubby found out he was getting the whole week off we were excited to spend some quality time with his family and be able to visit some of my family as well.

We got to do some fun things while we were in Vancouver as most people were working during the week. On Wednesday we visited Science world and the “Body Worlds” exhibit. What an amazing experience! If you ever have the opportunity to see this I highly recommend it. The human body is an amazing creation and it is really fascinating to see it’s inner workings.

Then Thursday I spent the afternoon with my brother’s new girlfriend shopping. We hit IKEA to pick up some fun stuff for the kids’ room. I love this rug I got… aren’t the little animals so adorable! Rug

I also got a little table and chair set that is too cute!
They match the shelving unit that we already have assembled in the room. My mom has been working on a quilt, bumper pads, valance and pillows and is oh so close to being finished! And I have one curtain left to sew and hang before the room will be complete. Once their room is all done I will post some pictures.

After our very successful trip to IKEA we went to the Indian shops for some sari shopping. Nothing like a good dose of shopping to improve a trip 😛

The rest of our trip was filled with the usual visiting of family and over eating. I think it was a bit hard on the kids being out of our routine but we managed and I’m paying for it this week with trying to get them back on track. I also need to lose the 10 pounds I gained eating all the fabulous food (not to mention the fact that I had a baby 2.5 months ago). LOL

I have some fun recipes I’m going to share this week… I learned how to make Paneer Pakoras from scratch a while back and would love to share the recipe. I also have a new and improved butter chicken recipe that rivals the creamy kind you get in Indian restaurant! It is a hit and I have tested and revised it to perfection.


One response to “Happy New Year

  1. As-salaamu’alaykum Amira,
    Sounds like you had a lovely time!!
    And glad to hear about the recipes.. I see you’ve posted the Paneer Pakora one, I should give it try one day.

    I’ve tried butter chicken a few times.. never comes out erm.. perfect enough. I haven’t made it in a while though.

    Thanks for sharing. And I’m SOOOO happy you’re back.. yaaay!!
    Love Farh

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