I don’t watch a ton of TV and I really try to limit it during the day but I often get sucked in when I’m feeding the baby in the afternoon and my son is sleeping. So I flipped it on last week and watched a bit of Rachel Ray’s talk show. Cynthia Sass was one of her guests and she was talking about her new “diet” (I like to think of it as an eating routine). I instantly fell in love with her straight forward philosophy to eating and weight loss called Cinch! After having two babies relatively close together (they are 18 months apart) my body is in need of shedding a few pounds. Hubby and I are not into all the sports we were prior to having kids and it seems to be catching up with me much quicker than him. Not to mention the fact that we don’t have the best eating habits. I feel tired and sluggish during the day when I really need to have lots of energy to keep up with the kids. I also think my poor eating habits (skipping meals cause I’m “too busy” then filling up on crap) leads to moodiness and generally feeling crappy. Even worse it causes weight gain and that leads to more bad feelings.

So I jumped right on to Chapter’s and bought the book (on sale I might add) It came in the mail on Monday and I decided to waste no time and started it today.

I elected to do the “5 day Fast-Forward” (optional) to kick-start my body and get some instant results and feel better. I have 4 meals a day no further than 5 hours apart and no closer than 3 hours apart. For this fast forward I am eating different combination of just 5 foods and they are:
1: Spinach (fresh or frozen)
2: Raspberries (fresh or frozen)
3: Non fat yogurt
4: Almonds
5: Eggs

My thoughts so far… I had points during the day where I felt hungry… but it was no worse than what I normally feel if I have missed a meal because I was hungry. Although my portions were far smaller at each meal I did feel satisfied after eating. I have a hard time drinking enough water during the day so I have found a cup that holds exactly 2 cups of water and I have one at each meal which makes 8 cups a day (mandatory) Then throughout the day I have a cups of tea or carbonated water. After 5 days all foods are fair game as long as they fit into the “5 piece puzzle” at each meal

The 5 piece puzzle include the following:
1: Produce
2: Whole Grain
3:Lean Protein
4:Plant based fat
5:SASS (Slimming And Satiating Seasonings)

I love that you must have dark chocolate every day. I also love that she supplies you with lots of recipes that work with the routine as well as the tools to create your own meals at home or eating out. In general Americans (and I’m guessing Canadians too) don’t eat enough veggies and fruits and eat too many meats and carbs. Her Cinch! method ensures you get the right proportions of each food group throughout the day helping to regulate your body. No calorie or points counting here just common sense proportions that are easy to eyeball. I’m looking forward to feeling better and looking better too.

I am not going to track my “weight loss” but rather I have a goal to be able to fit back into my size 6 jeans and clothes within 3 months. You are all my witnesses and I full expect you to ask me how I’m doing along the way 🙂


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