Day 2 – Cinch!

Today is Day two of the Cinch plan. This morning I felt awful. Dizzy hungry and grumpy… Not fun with two little kids. I had my breakfast from the “fast forward” menu as planned and then I sent Cynthia Sass (author of the book) a message on her facebook page and asked if I should be making any adaptations for breastfeeding. She was awesome and got back to me right away. Her response was “Breastfeeding moms should skip the 5 Day Fast Forward and double the whole grain portion in each of the “core” meals.” So change of plans going forward. I made up a menu plan for the rest of the week using recipes from her book and making up some of my own using her simple “5 piece puzzle” method. Once I have tried them out I’ll share the really good ones.

Next week I will try to incorporate my meals into our weekly menu with things that the whole family can eat so I’m not cooking two breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


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