Breastmilk Sharing

Here in Canada there has been quite a lot of talk about the lack of Breast milk banks and the fact that moms are sharing breast milk. I was listening to The Current on CBC before x-mas and decided this is such a wonderful idea! Alhumdulilah I have a great milk supply and am able to pump and extra 5oz bottle every morning plus another 2-4 oz in the afternoon.

So I decided to contact my doula (who is also a lactation consultant) and see if she knew how I could share my milk. She had just heard of a local lady who was having some supply issues and immediately put me in touch with her. Turns out she lives less that 5 mins from my house! She came over and had tea with me and we chatted about our babies (who are less than 5 days apart) and breastfeeding. She had some questions for me regarding my health and diet etc. which I had no problem answering. I also shared my pre-natal blood tests with her for her peace of mind.

It turns out that she is able to breastfeed her baby some but she is just not producing enough to satisfy her baby. She had been supplementing with formula but really wanted her LO to have breast milk all the time. It just about broke my heart, I cannot imagine what it must be like for moms who struggle.

Since then we have a weekly get-together where we have tea and a “play-date” with our girls. I give her as much milk as I can. It has developed into a lovely relationship and I feel really blessed to be able to help her and her sweet baby. Women have been helping each other out for centuries as wet nurses and it is sad that in our society this practice is frowned upon. All mothers want what is best for their babies and everyone should have the choice to do what is right for them and their child.

If you are interested in sharing your milk or receiving a donation I would recommend getting in touch with an “Eats on Feets” chapter near you.


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