Baby Wearing

When I had Layth in 2009 I had never heard the term “Baby Wearing” and it is amazing how quickly I just knew that this was a good idea without anyone telling me (mother’s instincts?). Now I didn’t do it as naturally as I am now but the idea was there for sure. We started out with the Baby Bjorn

It was great as I could carry him facing my chest or facing out to look around. Then once Layth was too heavy for the Bjorn I got a Kelty back pack.

Both were functional and served a purpose… but neither were super comfortable and were bulky and awkward at times.

When I had Zaara in 2010 I had a girlfriend make me a pocket sling similar to a Hot Sling.

I loved it and ordered a few more slings from Seven Slings.

As Zaara grew I found it harder to get her into the pocket styled slings. Then I ordered a beautiful silk ring sling from Emily over at Joyful Abode and fell in love. It is so stylish and functional!

It is amazing to me how many compliments I get from strangers and people I know when I have Zaara in my sling. It is so practical; especially with two little ones I need to have my hands free.

Baby wearing is a wonderful way to connect with your baby. There have been studies done that confirm that babies who are held more cry less. It seems so common sense but in today’s world we have some many gizmos and gadgets to “entertain” our babies so that we moms can “get stuff done”. But lets think about it!!! There are mothers all over the world who have to work shortly after having their babies so they simply wear their babies to work.

My next baby wearing purchase was a back wrap (again from Emily) and is probably my favorite to date!
Baby back Wrap

It really allows me to get so much done and still carry Zaara. She can even fall asleep for long periods of time!
sleeping baby wrap

I really love how the sling and wrap are a more natural carry compared to the Bjorn or backpack. And I also think the direct contact with my baby Zaara is really wonderful. I feel more connected with her and she settles so quickly as soon as I have her slinged or wrapped up. She gets a really good view of what I’m doing and is able to interact with me and people around me.

I think it is most important to choose a carrier that works for you and your lifestyle. Wearing or carrying your baby should be a joyful experience for you and your baby so make sure you are comfortable! If you are not sure that you can “figure out” how to use a sling or a baby wrap don’t worry there are many videos on YouTube to show you how!

If you are interested in purchasing a ring sling or back wrap from Emily check out her Facebook group here. She also sells super cute baby accessories!


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