About Amira’s Kitchen

Come into my kitchen, sit down and enjoy a steaming cup of Chai and some warm Samosas while I tell you about my day.

I am a mom of two wonderful children and wife to a loving husband. I love cooking for my family and sharing here with you. My food/ recipes are influenced by the year I lived in Thailand as well as my husband who is Fijian/ Indian. My MIL has shared many family recipes and I’m always trying new things inspired by the local foods available.

I also will share some of my mommy tips on cloth diapering, baby wearing and eco-friendly living.

Thanks for visiting!


4 responses to “About Amira’s Kitchen

  1. Sylvia Araujo

    Hi Amira,

    I was just browsing through the blogs and saw yours. Was interested in seeing what you have in those password protected ones. I am Indian too but live in Thailand, just as you did once.
    Hope to hear from you.

  2. Hi Sylvia,

    I have sent you an e-mail.

  3. Amira,

    I’m a chef who just started a culinary t-shirt company. I’ve always been into wearing shirts that showed passions for my hobbies. Since, I’ve become a chef and being a chef represents what I love to do in life I thought it would only be appropriate to design some shirts to express this love. The name of the company is called Stove Monkeys and is intended for Chefs/Foodies. Please visit our website for more info. http://www.stovemonkeys.com

    I am looking for original food blogs who would be interested in blogging about Stove Monkeys for exchange of a few shirts. I can send you two shirts of your choice to inspect quality and wear in your kitchen. LOL

    Thanks in advance,

    Matthew Mytro
    Stove Monkeys

  4. Great blog. There is a lot to talk:) Thanks:)for sharing!

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