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Chinese (Hot Pot) Fondue

My birthday is coming up and my family has asked what I want for my birthday dinner. It is a tradition in our family that the Birthday person gets to choose what they want for dinner on their Birthday. As a Kid I used to choose Chinese Fondue. I loved that you got to sit around the table and cook your own food. This version is also a lot healthier than the cheese or oil types of fondues I have seen.

The Hot Pot fondue consists of a broth (I usually do vegetable broth) in which you cook various meats and vegetables on the ends of special skewers. Then you have yummy sauces that you dip the meat and vegetables in.

This year my Aunt and Uncle had us over for dinner on New Years Eve and they served the Hot Pot type of Fondue not knowing that it was my favorite. Here is a rough recipe to get you started.

Vegetable Broth:
6 parts water
1 part canned Vegetable stock (if desired)
3 cloves garlic – Peeled
1 inch piece of Ginger – Peeled
1 Onion – peeled and quartered
1 Dicon Root – peeled and chopped in large pieces
2 stalks Celery – washed and chopped in large pieces
Salt – to taste

In a large stock pot combine all the ingredients except the salt. Bring to a boil. Let simmer for a few hours. I usually start the broth in the morning and let it simmer away all day adding more water if necessary. Just before serving scoop out the garlic, and vegetables with a slotted spoon and discard. Add salt to taste if necessary.

Now I just prefer the vegetable stock… but you can used whatever type of stock you like Chicken stock or beef stock etc. While you are waiting for the stock to get all yummy and flavorful you can prepare the meat and vegetables. These are all just suggestions so feel free to do whatever you like.

Beef – sliced very thinly
Chicken – sliced very thinly
Prawns – Peeled and de-veined

Mushrooms – washed and quartered if large
Snap peas

Dipping sauce:
(For each person you will need the following)
1 egg
1 Tbs Soy Sauce
1 Tbs Oyster Sauce
1 Tbs Oil

In a large bowl combine all ingredients and whisk together. Pour into small ramekins for each person. We also have chili sauce on the table so each person can make their sauce a spicy as they like it.

Now there are all kinds of fancy fondue sets you can get. My family just uses and butane element and a large pot. Then we have the special fondue forks that are color coordinated so everyone has two forks to cook their food. When you are all ready to sit down and eat move pot to fondue burner on table and set to simmer. Have your guests fill their plates with the raw meats and vegetables then skewer with fondue forks and cook in the broth. Then dip in the sauce and eat. We usually throw handfuls of spinach in the pot and scoop them out with a little net or slotted spoon. This makes for a very social meal so be sure to have fun and enjoy your company!