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Cloth Diapering – baby #1

I currently have two babies in cloth diapers. When I was pregnant with my son my husband and I were considering cloth diapers. We wanted to be environmentally friendly as possible and use the best for our baby. I however was not sure that I would be able to handle all the extra laundry so to start out with we decided to use a diaper service. Tidy Tushees is a local company run by a stay-at-home mom that provides cloth diaper delivery and washing services as well as cloth diapering products and environmentally friendly products for babies and families.

They are AMAZING!!! When I decided this was the route I was going to go the owner Kelly came out to my house to give me a demo on how the diapers work and how to store them until she came each week to pick up the dirty ones and drop off the clean ones. When my son was born I was having trouble figuring out the cloth diapering and Kelly came over to help me out. it turns out that Layth was too skinny to have the cloth diapers fit. So I used disposables for about a month until he chubbed out a bit and fit into them. Cloth diapering is really just as easy as disposable you just have to be a bit more organized.

If you are thinking about cloth diapers here are some really good resources on Kelly’s site here. I highly recommend trying a service if you are unsure about using cloth diapers. Usually the cost works out to about the same as disposables and you don’t have to do the laundry 🙂

After a few months I decided that I could do the laundry too so we canceled our service and bought about 20 Bum Genius diapers. The thing with cloth diapers is they are a big investment up front so you need to be sure that you are committed before you go out and by them. That is what I loved about trying the service first. Kelly also has a great option for thoes who are not sure about what kind of diapers they want to buy called “Try before you buy” This allows you to try out many different kinds of cloth diapers before you commit to buying them. Once you decide which one works for you and your baby check out your local baby shops for deals when you buy a larger lot of diapers or even better check out your local craigslist or other marketplace websites for gently used cloth diapers. I have found so many barely used or never used diapers for a great price online!

We decided on the Bum Genius because it’s size is adjustable (which means instead of buying a larger size as your baby grows you just have to undo snaps) and they are an All-in-one (which means that it is just like putting a disposable diaper). But every baby is different and you need to make sure you get the right fit.

So I know you all want to know the “Dirty” details. So here they are:
1. Clean diaper gets a bio-liner then goes on baby
2. Dirty diaper comes off baby. If just wet bio liner goes in garbage, insert gets pulled out of cover and both go into an odorless diaper pail with a wet bag liner in it. Like so Pail liner If diaper is dirty take to toilet lift out solid poo with the bio liner and flush (only works if you are on sewer… not recommended for sump pumps or septic systems). Then insert gets pulled out of cover and both go into an odorless diaper pail with a wet bag liner in it.
3. Ever two days take the pail liner out of the pail and turn it inside out in the washing machine and wash and dry.

While I’m out and about for the day I carry a small wetbag in my diaper bag and just put the dirty diapers in there and then empty it into my diaper pail when I get home.

Every diaper manufacturer has different recommendations for washing their diapers. Here is my method. First run a cold/cold cycle with no detergent to thoroughly rinse the diapers. Then run a warm/cold cycle with one TBS of Rockin Green soap (I think this soap is the best!!). Then one more warm/cold cycle to ensure all soap residue is rinsed out. Best is to hang your diapers out in the sun to dry as the sun will bleach any stains out and keep your diapers fresh and looking good. But in the winter months I do dry them in the dryer.

Next post I will share my 2nd baby cloth diapering.